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This Takes Things to Another Level...

This Takes Things to Another Level...

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Wie klingt ein 4000 Euro Lautsprecher? | MAUI P900 LD Systems

Wie klingt ein 4000 Euro Lautsprecher? | MAUI P900 LD Systems

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Was kann ein 4000€ Lautsprecher?!

Was kann ein 4000€ Lautsprecher?!

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MAUI P900 Fazit | groß, laut und 4000€ schwer! by LD Systems

MAUI P900 Fazit | groß, laut und 4000€ schwer! by LD Systems

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LD Systems MAUI P900

A groundbreaking vision

Imagine a modern art audio system. Imagine a solid block of aluminium, a laser-sharp diagonal cut. Creating the MAUI P900, we set out to turn our imagination into reality. We have combined state-of-the-art audio technology and sleek elegance into a loudspeaker system that breaks new ground. Merging inspired aesthetics with technical excellence, the MAUI P900 is a vision come true.

LD Systems MAUI P900

The perfect symbiosis of form and function

With its smooth lines and advanced engineering, the MAUI P900 brings sight and sound together. Rather than being an end in itself, the distinctive visual design serves the clear purpose of supporting and enhancing the system's functionality and audio performance. The perfect marriage of sonics and style, indeed.

LD Systems MAUI P900

Combining exclusive materials

A skillful blend of select materials emphasizes the MAUI P900's integrated design approach. Providing high strength and superb corrosion resistance, the aluminium body is furnished with a grille of multilayer mesh. The elastic high-tech material is dirt-repellent, extremely hardwearing and allows sound waves to pass through without hindrance or colouration.


Unveiling new sonic sensations

Deep inside the MAUI P900's streamlined contours, next generation Class D amplification and LD Systems' DynX DSP technology provide massive headroom, exceptional transient response and distortion-free performance. The result is a natural, dynamic sound that's so alive you can almost touch it.

Beauty that radiates from the inside out

Max. SPL (peak):

131 dB

Frequency Response:

42 - 20,000 Hz

Dispersion (H x V):

140° x 15°

Overall Height:

2173 mm

HF Transducers:

32 x 1" Neodymium

MF Transducers:

16 x 2.8" Neodymium

LF Transducers:

2 x 10" Neodymium


SonicGuide® Technology

MF / HF Transducer Arrangement:

Patented WaveAhead® Technology

Amplification Module:

3-way Class D

Digital Signal Processor:

DynX DSP Technology

System Power (RMS / Peak):

1400 W / 2800 W


Stereo Line input - 2 x XLR / 6.3 mm Jack, Stereo Bluetooth Streaming


Dedicated Mono XLR Output for System Pairing


Main Level, Sub Level, Bluetooth®, Power On / Off

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LD Systems MAUI P900

Make it your statement of style

Make a strong statement of sophisticated style and set yourself apart. The MAUI P900 is available in Graphite Black, Platinum Grey or Cocoon White to discreetly fit into your ambience and decor. 

Jörg Tragatschnig

Senior Designer, Studio F.A. Porsche

"The integrative design has never been seen on the market and makes no compromises on sound quality, but is technically unique."

LD Systems MAUI P900

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